Tim’s Two Cents – Utilize Video Marketing or Miss a Huge Segment of the Population!

The summer months are flying by, as they always seem to do! Kristine and I have been really busy with our listings, hosting open houses and working with multiple buyers opening doors for private tours of available properties for sale. Interest rates are great and the market is healthy!


This month I would like to share information regarding a huge part of our marketing plan. The use of video marketing for both company branding and exposing our listings is a fundamental part of what we now do every day.  The general public is no longer interested in only reading about a company and the products it promotes or sells.  Consumers would rather watch a video to educate themselves and be entertained.  Video also lets people in on the personality of the individual that one is viewing. People want to work with those they can relate to, like and trust!


Marketing a property by putting still photos to music and calling that a marketing video or virtual tour is not utilizing this medium in the correct fashion.  Instead, I like to always employ one of our great professional photographers to shoot still photos at every one of our listings. This includes the entire property. It amazes me that some agents don’t even employ professional photography when helping their clients with the sale of their property.


Then I take it a step further.  Even though I am no Ryan Seacrest, I do my best to get polished up, do my research on the property and get on the other side of the camera lens to offer a guided video tour, share information about the community that the listing is situated in and point out some of the more desirable features of the home.  We are all hypercritical about how we look and sound on video and I am no exception. I have worked very hard to get outside of my comfort zone, let go of insecurities and do what I have been doing best for 21 years, show off beautiful homes for sale. Craig Sewing, host of the American Dream TV show in San Diego and the Craig Sewing Radio Show has been instrumental in allowing me to gain experience on TV and radio with him for the last few years.  Craig and his production staff have selected me as an ELITE Real Estate Broker in San Diego, a distinction that has been bestowed on just a handful of agents. The more I have done it the better I have become.


I have also aligned myself with two awesome videographers who help to direct Kristine and me and show our listed properties in the best light. The use of a drone captures breathtaking shots whenever we are working at producing our marketing videos.  The editing is a key component as well. The right music and placement of images as we talk about the finer details of a property is of paramount importance for the viewer’s experience and enjoyment.


The final step is getting maximum exposure for our finished product. The use of the right key words when selecting a title for the video is extremely important. Based on experience and researching AdWords we can properly name our videos with the property address and other identifiable search words that are being targeted by consumers when searching for properties where the subject is situated. We are also continuously repurposing our videos on TV, providing the link on the Radio and posting and paying to boost exposure for our videos on Social Media channels. We even link it to email inquiries from prospective buyers and agents with clients who are interested in our company, a listing or a specific market.  So, a lot of great uses for this medium!


Please watch our work on our company’s video blog.  In an effort to continue to improve, I would welcome any comments or suggestions that you have regarding our videos and look forward to dedicating my time and resources to gain maximum exposure for your home when it comes time to sell!  More viewers translates to more buyers which leads to more offers and that all contributes to our end all goal, making you more money with each property sold!

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